Financial Resilience – Increase Your Cash

Financial Resilience - Increase Your Cash Katie Sadowski, our Financial Educator, compiled these tips to help you increase your cash and boost your financial resilience. Sell something - Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or consignment stores are all good local options. Look around to see if there are any household items you don’t use anymore. Return recent purchases - Consider those needs versus wants, and if you made any recent purchases that you don’t need consider returning. Cut living expenses - Track spending and cut down Think about getting a trusted roommate if possible No income requirements to use the Missoula Food Bank Ask for an employer advance - You don’t know what is possible till you ask! Apply for a credit card - Having a credit card for emergencies is better than an unacceptable high interest pay day loan (can be up to 600% APR). See if you qualify for a credit card if you don’t already have one. Explore options with no or low fees and keep your balance below 30% so you don’t negatively impact your credit. Shop Credit Cards by category. Look for a second job - Especially right now, some folks are dealing with job suspension due to restaurant and bar closures. Check out your local grocery stores as many of them are dealing with a huge influx of customers and need support. Also, contact your local temp agency to see if anyone is hiring. File your tax return. Montana property tax assistance helps homeowners on a fixed [...]

May 26, 2020|