Homeword advocates locally, statewide and at the federal level for policies that create sustainable communities for all, including those pertaining to homeownership, financial skill building, sustainable methods and homes Montanans can afford. Homeword’s Policy Guidelines

Homeword is a member of:

  • Montana Housing Coalition – The Montana Housing Coalition (MHC) advocates for a coherent state housing policy that creates homes that working families, seniors, and Montanans with disabilities can afford to rent or buy.
  • Missoula Home Coalition –The purpose of the Missoula Home Coalition (MSLAHC) is to expand the accessibility of safe, quality homes that Missoulians can afford primarily through public policy. The Coalition has come together to address the many issues currently impeding the accessibility of homes for all who want to live in Missoula by organizing, convening, educating and mobilizing stakeholders to advocate for more community-responsive policy.
  • National Housing Resource Center – The National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) is an advocate for the nonprofit housing counseling industry, as well as for housing consumers, for communities of color, for the elderly, and for under-served populations. This website is home resources and tools for housing counselors.


  1. HB21– Reauthorize the Multifamily Coal Trust Home Loan Program

– Read Issue Brief

– Read HB 21

– Read Montana Free Press Article 1/20/2021


  • 2020 Bureau of Business and Economic Research Housing in Montana Report