Our office is currently closed to the public, but you can join us for classes and personal counseling sessions virtually. In-person classes are scheduled to resume August 2022.

We offer a full range of services to help you get ready to buy a home, learn how to avoid foreclosure or simply manage your money better so you can reach your financial goals. Homeword is a certified HUD Housing Counseling Agency. Our HomeOwnership Center has adopted the National Industry Standards for Homebuyer and Financial Education and Counseling.

Along with our own certified trainers, Homeword uses professionals in the community to help teach our classes. These professionals volunteer their time to share their field of expertise with our class participants.


Homebuyer Education $35/person
Financial Skill Building FREE
Renter Workshop FREE
Individual Counseling FREE



“The Homebuyer Educator helped me understand how much I could afford, the options in mortgages, how to qualify for a loan, and what to look out for when choosing a realtor, making an offer, analyzing closing costs, and avoiding foreclosure. This class was low cost, with convenient scheduling options, and chock-full of valuable information.”
Molly White

“People assume that educated young professionals like myself have a strong grasp of financial matters in our personal lives, but I really didn’t understand many of the basics until I participated in the Financial Skill Building class. It helped me to understand how insurance, investing, banking and other financial management matters can help me build a stronger, better future.”
Jessie McQuillan

Over 100 volunteers donate nearly 270 hours of their time every year to guest present in our classes. Professionals from the community provide instruction in their field of expertise, so participants learn firsthand about available local resources and presenters have the opportunity to meet potential customers. Volunteer to be a guest presenter »