Read a PDF of our 2023 Annual Report or view the flipbook below.


Homeword strengthens Montana communities by teaching homebuyer education and financial skill building and creating safe, healthy homes people can afford. 

Our communities are stronger when everyone can afford a safe and healthy home. The cost of renting or buying a home, however, continues to increase at alarming rates in comparison to incomes. 

We develop high-quality, sustainably-built homes that our residents are proud to live in and that communities are proud to support. 

We’ve created 1,479 homes for more than 2,000 Montanans, including 600 children, since Homeword began in 1994. These homes are located on 32 properties in 14 communities throughout the state. Twenty-seven of these homes were developed and sold for homeownership, and all others are rentals Montanans can afford. 

Since 1997, we’ve also empowered more than 19,500 people through our Regional HomeOwnership Center’s programming. Our educators have provided classes and one-on-one counseling to members of the workforce, seniors on fixed incomes, people with disabilities, domestic violence survivors, veterans and the parents of many children.  

We bring this holistic approach to our work throughout the state and advocate for policies that create sustainable communities for all.