Commercial and Residential

Aerial view of Solstice


1535 Liberty Lane
Missoula, MT 59808


34 Homes
4 – Studios
19 – 1BR
11 – 2BR

Rent: Please contact the property manager


17,400 square feet of ground floor commercial office space. Please contact Homeword for vacancy information.


Residents pay electrical and gas utilities; owner pays water, sewer, garbage and recycling.


Completed October 2011


Tamarack Property Management – Missoula

(406) 493-0752
[email protected]

1535 Liberty Lane, Suite 110 E
Missoula, MT 59808


Solstice is centrally located and close to several amenities and services including a walk-in clinic, convenience store, grocery stores, St. Patrick Hospital and Western Montana Clinic within one mile of the site. Downtown Missoula is approximately 1.3 miles to the east, while the major shopping area on Reserve Street is approximately 1.2 miles to the west. Both areas provide access to retail shops, pharmacies, banks, post offices and restaurants and the core municipal buildings – the Missoula County Courthouse, Missoula City Hall, the Federal Courthouse and the Downtown Bus Transfer Station. The site is also under three miles from Hawthorne Elementary School and C.S. Porter Middle School and 3.8 miles from Big Sky High School.


“I was just overjoyed because we had gone from having a home, a home that we had owned, to having absolutely nothing and then walking into Solstice and feeling instantly at home. Not just a place to stay. Not just a roof over your heads. Actually knowing that you can put your roots down here. But then on top of all that, as well, having a rent that I could afford.”


  • Elevator
  • Laundry
  • Secure storage
  • Resident community room
  • Fully accessible homes
  • Recycling
  • Air conditioning
  • Covered parking/bike parking
  • Balconies


  • Built on a greyfield site that contained a large parking lot and old bowling alley
  • Project qualified for 11 out of 14 LEED credits such as alternative transportation, community connectivity, 30% stormwater quantity reduction and open space
  • Low flow and flush fixtures contribute to a 41% reduction in potable water use for interior plumbing
  • Potable irrigation water use was reduced by over 63% by selecting native and adapted plants, efficient irrigation systems and inclusion of greywater from the buildings
  • Improved insulation in exterior walls (R-23) and roof (R50) high performance windows
  • 96% AFUE furnaces
  • 16 SEER cooling units
  • 94% efficient condensing gas boiler for domestic hot water
  • Energy cost reduction of 24.8% compared to a code-compliant design
  • Generation of 4.5% of the annual energy use with the 22 kW solar electric array
  • Old bowling alley and parking lot materials were deconstructed and salvaged, recycled or reused on site
  • Reuse of asphalt and concrete as fill
  • Bowling alley lanes used for wainscoting and counters
  • Building included an average of 21% recycled materials, 40% regional materials and over 50% FSC certified wood
  • Homes are naturally ventilated with operable windows
  • Interior materials are low-emitting, low-odor products