Closing the Homeownership Gap

CLOSING THE HOMEOWNERSHIP GAP Thanks to the generosity of the Missoula Organization of Realtors (MOR), we were able to serve as co-sponsors of Missoula Pride alongside their organization this summer. Together we united under the slogan “Homes For All” and tabled at the Pride events [...]

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Self-Compassion is Key to Financial Resiliency

SELF-COMPASSION IS KEY TO FINANCIAL RESILIENCY August is Happiness Happens Month, and that has me thinking about all the ways our financial world impacts our overall happiness.   Imagine this scenario: you have been saving for months, sacrificing luxuries big and small to reach your [...]

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Community Solutions for Community Challenges

COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS TO COMMUNITY CHALLENGES Montana communities are stronger when everyone can afford safe, healthy homes, yet Montana rental and home listing prices are rising so rapidly it takes our breath away. Our communities are changing, and people are facing some tough challenges as a result. [...]

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Homeword Launches Construction on 138 New Homes in Kalispell

HOMEWORD LAUNCHES CONSTRUCTION ON 138 NEW HOMES IN KALISPELL Construction is just beginning on Junegrass Place, the ninth project on which we've partnered with GMD Development. Located in the heart of Kalispell, it will provide 138 rental homes people can afford. Households earning 60% or less of [...]

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Construction Begins on Crowley Flats

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON CROWLEY FLATS The Ownership Partnership and Construction Loan for Crowley Flats in Lewistown, Montana, has closed, and we can finally begin the construction involved in this historic adaptive re-use project. Located on the on the upper two floors of the Crowley Block in historic [...]

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Can I Still Buy a Home During a Housing Crisis?

CAN I STILL BUY A HOME DURING A HOUSING CRISIS? You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it and it seems like everyone from your barista to the mayor is talking about it. Missoula is in the middle of a housing affordability crisis. While we braced for the market [...]

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Smart Homebuying Choices Begin With Good Homebuyer Education

SMART HOMEBUYING CHOICES BEGINS WITH GOOD HOMEBUYER EDUCATION 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years in many ways. While hope and optimism surround the trajectory of COVID-19, rapidly increasing housing costs is an issue with no immediate solution. The available supply of homes to buy or rent [...]

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Empowering Montanans in 2021

EMPOWERING MONTANANS IN 2021 The importance of financial stability and security of a home one can afford has always been essential to the strength of our communities. The pandemic underpinned that with intensity. Never has it been more clear that, for the health and strength of our communities, [...]

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Reflection and Giving Thanks

Reflection and Giving Thanks As we approach the holiday season, we do so with hope and appreciation for all we have in our lives. Homeword has traditionally reflected on the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to demonstrate our gratitude for the support from the greater community that makes our [...]

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Financial Resilience – Increase Your Cash

Financial Resilience - Increase Your Cash Katie Sadowski, our Financial Educator, compiled these tips to help you increase your cash and boost your financial resilience. Sell something - Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or consignment stores are all good local options. Look around to see if there are any household items [...]

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