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Alec’s Financial Success Story

ALEC'S HOMEBUYER SUCCESS STORY Homeownership seemed impossible to Alec Underwood. Although he had decent credit, Alec assumed there would be no way to afford a mortgage based on his income and small amount of savings. He also worried about the rising cost to buy a home. Alec [...]

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Jackie’s Financial Success Story

JACKIE'S FINANCIAL SUCCESS STORY Jackie Vitas lived paycheck to paycheck. “I’ve always had credit issues and have a history of poor financial management,” she said. “I’ve always been broke. Finances have caused numerous issues in my life and affected both romantic and familial relationships.” Single, living alone [...]

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5 Reasons to Learn and Earn with Matched Savings

5 REASONS TO LEARN AND EARN WITH MATCHED SAVINGS There can be numerous barriers to saving money. We’re not going to lie. It’s tough. But what if we told you that one small step can start you on the path to savvy money management and improving your [...]

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Amanda Bevan’s Financial Success Story

AMANDA BEVAN'S FINANCIAL SUCCESS STORY For Amanda Bevan, money was always a scary topic. Originally from West Glacier, Montana, Amanda grew up with her grandparents, who had a very limited income. As an adult, Amanda had little idea what to do other than try to save every [...]

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Adaptive Reuse and Historic Preservation: What Is It and What Does it Take?

ADAPTIVE REUSE AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION: WHAT IS IT AND WHAT DOES IT TAKE? Adaptive reuse is a sustainable building practice that minimizes carbon impact by repurposing existing structures for new use and giving a second life to building materials. Historic preservation takes this a step further by repurposing [...]

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Our Newest Development

OUR NEWEST DEVELOPMENT Homeword’s newest development is a small one. …No, think tiny. …Even smaller than that! It’s not a home at all. It’s a little free library and food pantry! Partnering with the University of Montana, we hosted a group of 36 new students as part [...]

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Closing the Homeownership Gap

CLOSING THE HOMEOWNERSHIP GAP Thanks to the generosity of the Missoula Organization of Realtors (MOR), we were able to serve as co-sponsors of Missoula Pride alongside their organization this summer. Together we united under the slogan “Homes For All” and tabled at the Pride events [...]

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Community Solutions for Community Challenges

COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS TO COMMUNITY CHALLENGES Montana communities are stronger when everyone can afford safe, healthy homes, yet Montana rental and home listing prices are rising so rapidly it takes our breath away. Our communities are changing, and people are facing some tough challenges as a result. [...]

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Homeword Launches Construction on 138 New Homes in Kalispell

HOMEWORD LAUNCHES CONSTRUCTION ON 138 NEW HOMES IN KALISPELL Construction is just beginning on Junegrass Place, the ninth project on which we've partnered with GMD Development. Located in the heart of Kalispell, it will provide 138 rental homes people can afford. Households earning 60% or less of [...]

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Construction Begins on Crowley Flats

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON CROWLEY FLATS The Ownership Partnership and Construction Loan for Crowley Flats in Lewistown, Montana, has closed, and we can finally begin the construction involved in this historic adaptive re-use project. Located on the on the upper two floors of the Crowley Block in historic [...]

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